New Anthology


“Thirteen Ways from Sunday” from Boularderie Island Press will be launched on November 15th. I have two stories in the collection; “The Incredible Flight of Gopher Hamilton” and “Smooth Sailing”. There are twenty-two stories in total from thirteen (hence the title) Cape Breton authors. The event takes place at the cruise ship pavilion in Sydney, the site of the Big Fiddle, from four to six p.m. and will be broadcast live by CBC Mainstreet. No admission.
At the same time, Douglas Arthur Brown will be launching his new novel, “Seeds”. Attendees will have the opportunity to purchase one copy of both books for $30.00. Such a deal my own mother!


One response to “New Anthology”

  1. hermit2003 says :

    Hi Bill,

    Sue and I will be in Ontario.

    Good luck at the launch.

    Larry Gibbons

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