Writing workshop at Rankin School of the Narrows

2015 is the second year for the Puffin Awards for Literary Excellence, a short-story competition for high school students in Victoria County, Cape Breton. (Find us on Facebook under Puffin Awards). Yesterday, fellow member Kate Oland and I presented a writing workshop for Grade 9 and Grade 11 students at Rankin School in Iona, along with some home-school students.

DSCN2116We had a fun couple of hours talking about the process of writing, answering questions, doing some writing exercises, and offering what tips we could. Thanks to teacher Charlene Ellis for inviting us, and also for volunteering (sort of) to take part in a demonstration of interviewing techniques.

A good time was had by us, and we are looking forward to seeing the Puffin Awards entries from Rankin and the other three schools in the county. Submission guidelines are on the Facebook page. The competition closes April 30


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