Some Days Run Long

I am pleased to announce the completion of my upcoming book, Some Days Run Long, from Boularderie Island Press.

Cover Some Days Run Long Proof2

In the collection of fifteen short stories, lengths range from short-short through medium-short to long-short. A few are humourous, but not all; humour wouldn’t be nearly as important if there were no darkness, pain, loss or death for counterpoint, would it? All of those things are part of the human experience of life, and there is some of each here.

We (the humans) are not alone on this little blue planet, so we have included a story about a raven, a grizzly bear, a fox. And also a faerie.

I grew up captivated by rhyming poetry; stories like Casey at the Bat, The Pied Piper of Hamelin, The Cremation of Sam McGee. I have written several of my own poems in that rhythmic storytelling genre, and four of them are included in the collection.

Some Days Run Long will be released in late June, 2018. I will keep you posted about availability, launches and other related events. I promise.



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