The Rock in the Water

bill0001The Rock in the Water (Hidden Brook Press, 2009) is Bill Conall’s first book, and it is a story of community.

Quadra, (a real island off the west coast of British Columbia) is peopled with a cast of fictional characters including Sparkle Orange, a forty-something flower child; Juniper Mallory, a cantankerous Nubian billy goat; Ragbir Sahota, war veteran and ferryman; and a collection of fiesty senior citizens sometimes referred to as The Disreputables. In all probability you will meet someone you recognize whether you live in the mountains, on the prairies, in the Maritime provinces, or even in the Big City.

Of 67 books in the competition, The Rock in the Water was one of five shortlisted for the 2010 Stephen Leacock Memorial Medal for Humour.



One response to “The Rock in the Water”

  1. Gen says :

    This is a book in the tradition of Sunshine Sketches of a Little Town, except that where Leacock primarily pokes fun at folks, Conall combines humour with empathy for the colourful folks that populate this novel. For starters, how more colourful can you get with a character named Sparkle Orange? The Rock in the Water drew me into the lives and intrigues of the people in this community and left me impressed with their ingenuity and courage in bamboozling the local RCMP.

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